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I like to pretend...

...to know what other people are talking about.

...to sing along with everybody else in a concert when the song is apparently popular though I have no idea about it.

...this world is called Leveronch and Big Bird is my best friend.

...when at night I go to sleep and my back feels warm, it's the ghost in my room comforting me.

...that I always have time to do many things at once, one of them being giving birth to fictional characters while babying a musical performance.

...these characters would take a life of their own, in reality they haven't done anything like taking over my hand so far.

...it's okay to wait when someone promises they would do the next move.

...it's fine when something more interesting comes up for them, surely the one who doesn't know what people are singing or talking about is less important.

...there is no problem when in the end I'm just left waiting.

...that I lash out when I'm angry.

Oct. 13th, 2009

There's a whole world of you in which I have no part. A morning will come when the casual remoteness of your body would startle me in the grainy early light.
Was it in 2006? I was watching a cartoon in RCTI when this advertisement appeared, there was Stephen Chow talking about his idea of making Dragonball the movie. He wore the orange uniform, talking about how Dragonball played a part in shaping him along with some million children all around the world. That was when I decided I would be waiting for it.

For two years after that I heard nothing of the film, until a friend in a forum kindly gave me a link to the trailer of Dragonball The Evolution. It was disappointing, but not enough to stop me, so last Wednesday, the first day it came out at Citos, I rushed out of school and get me a ticket. A classmate told me he'd watch it to laugh at it. I wanted to know how bad they ruined it.

The director wanted to make it as close to reality as possible, while what I had in mind was Stephen Chow...spoiler? no, not really, you know the story don't you? Picollo is not greenCollapse )

From here I'll continue from a reader's perspective. I want to compare it with the manga and anime! Goku was too grown up for comfort. It was weird to hear him being the voice of reason when Bulma entered Muten Roshi's house without knocking. Goku even took science classes. I (yes, I) wanted him to be a countryside boy with no education, a naive boy who's a bit dumb, eats a lot and is a genius when it comes to fighting. He was none of these.

In overall, it was unsatisfying. It was my childhood ruined. It was... Dragonball was supposed to be exaggerated, like One Piece, like, like CJ7, Shaolin Soccer, God of the Kitchen, or give me McDull anytime! Why this... pseudo-realistic film that didn't quite cut it? Maybe it would take another 5 like this to reach the level that is The Dark Knight, heh. Argh!

Whatever. Just watch and comment on it.

Mar. 11th, 2009

Being around music always gives the best feeling, don't you agree? And that's why I go to Java Jazz Festival year after year. This is my third year going; 2006, 2008, and 2009. I was in Brazil in 2007. I could only go on Saturday and Sunday.

Here's the Saturday schedule

The first music that attracted me came from the Lobby Stage, a duo of voice and drums. A big female voice and drums. And it was wild. It had to be. Voice and drums singing jazz? It had to be wild. The voice is mainly a melody instrument and drums are purely rhythm instruments, minimum interference could happen. It went rolling from there.

Next was the Harvey Mason Quartet (Assembly 1) of which I don't remember much, only precise rhythm, because I didn't stay around for long. After two songs I moved to Aksan Sjuman (Assembly 3) next door, and instantly fell in love with the vocalist. The jazz was progressive, heavy on the rockish side, the instrumentalists were all from Institut Musik Daia, but the vocalist (I found out later) was already popular in the Aksara circle. She performed like posessed, with shaky hand movements and whimsical acts, think Kyo without the self-beating and cutting. Her singing was versatile, she switched from rock to rap to crooning with seemingly little effort. That was the best showwomanship I was priviledged to see at the festival. (The best showmanship for me was Toku).

Afterward, off to Femina Lounge downstairs to see I Visionari. Mainstream jazz and mainstream that was too smooth for my style. And then to Ligro Trio, and after that to the great Oleta Adams where Santana's vocalist graciously took to singing in the back.

My friends performed as Eclairs on another stage, but I was really curious about Toku, so I went there first. Best showmanship, yes! The soundcheck took longer than what was scheduled, but the musicians made it interesting for us waiting audience
Every flicker of my eyes are intended to make you fall a little more in love with me.
I love it when they hold the microphone far from the mouth and the voice still comes out strong. However, I also love it when they sing really close to the mic and the voice gets all warm and husky. I want Franco Sansalone. Youtube?
So, say the Mitochondrial Eve did not go past her infancy, say she caught a fever or something. None of us human would be here today. The earth will be populated by a totally different set of people.


When I listen to "The Long and Winding Road" I see my first house in Itauna, I see myself curled up in bed. I was pretty frustrated then, mainly because I couldn't seem to talk to anyone. It's pretty ironic that now I can't listen to Brazilian music (that is, music by Brazilian artists, including the ones in English) because the saudade (kangen, Bahasa Indonesia has a direct translation to this word, so it's not unique to the Portuguese language as some people believe) is too much to bear. Yesterday I had a craving for pizza like I used to have every week in Brazil, isn't pizza supposed to be Italian? In Italy, do they make pizza topped with brigadeiro?

The first time I listened to Alicia Keys' "Unbreakable" was in Salatiga, when I was struggling to get my first research project done right. It did not go as I wished, but it was a nice experience still. I did the research for three months, had a break from school, and that was the first time I did something self destructive. So "Unbreakable" was the song for nights spent with a computer on my lap, making my legs sweat, with books on plant pigments and chlorophyll on my side.

I skip many songs in my iPod these days, all because of these memories.

Yoko Kanno's "Tank!" reminds me of a bunch of crazy people I call my best friends. They've all graduated from school, leaving me behind, but I still smell their traces on every corner in this depressing building of my high school. I can't see why I'm such a glutton for punishment. Other songs I try to avoid these days are "Aa Seishun" (the one that goes: "AAAAtashi wa yurayura"), "Mitsu to Tsuba" (or Tsumi to Batsu), and "Starlight".

It's really bad that most of my feel good songs are Brazilian. It means I'll have to go through this with minimal help.

I'm having pizza tonight.


First of all, I'll have you know I'm copying the text as it is, down to the capitalisations.

Where should be after school?

The National examination result will be publicly enounced in next short time. Euphoria will flood for those who get success. In other hand, It will be sorry to hear that there are some of them do not succeed in their national final examination. For those who succeed soon will think to decide; where will they be after graduating high school? Actually it will be easy to decide for those has been arranged and thought earlier but for those have not planned yet, it will be quite confusing.

That was excerpted from a passage in a mock exam we had two weeks ago to prepare us student for the coming national exams (the notorious UAN). That passage appeared in the real examination some years ago.

And if I get a low score in this exam my graduation will be... err... delayed? As it is, the thing is unreadable! I know fic writers in the Harry Potter fandom who can do better than that. The worst part is that MY graduation from high school would be partly decided by the people who made these tests.
By the way, I broke another pair of headphones yesterday TT__TT

So after the 3-hour test, I wanted to listen to Takitsuba's Real DX because it was appropriate, and surprise, surprise! The sound only came out from the right piece. I was and I am still upset. I thought this pair would endure the mistreatment it may or may not had suffered. It survived when I jammed it in my bag between heavy books, and when it was forcefully unplugged from the computer because I stood up without taking it off. One time my father's wheelchair even rolled over the jack and it was fine. Its predecessors (my previous headphones) had lasted 2-4 months in average. This pair lasted a glorious seven months; I remember because I got it in Ukraine and that was in April.

At the time I got it, I was getting tired with the sterile sound of my simple Philips pair (which were by then already half-broken, emitting unfriendly white noise), and I was surprised to see this pair of headphones as part of the winning prize. It was a Koss Sportapro and I liked the warmer quality of the sound. The sound leaks, but I'm not a real audiophile and all I care about is the comfort of wearing it. And, well, the bass.

Until it broke.

How come? It was in my bag, neatly folded, the heaviest thing which may have been on top of it was my lunch box, egg sandwich...

Okay, so next time will be a Bose, a JBL, or a Sennheiser. Or maybe another Koss, yea I liked it. And this time it better last!

[edit] I'm browsing for reviews, and a reviewer said she/he had been using Koss Portapro (that's Sportapro's older sibling) for 10 years and it's still functioning perfectly